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How to improve your reviews and score better in high season?

The comments left by former customers on online channels are a foolproof way of marketing your property and showing potential customers how worthwhile your accommodation is.

But, and every story has a but, this method of evaluation by reviews has both positive and negative sides., for example, has become an expert in determining the quality of short-term accommodation or hotels by the reviews it receives from those who have visited it. While this kind of evaluation brings confidence and makes new customers feel secure enough to make a reservation, it can be a very unfair evaluation method.

In low seasons, with lower occupancy percentages, it is expected that the time each manager devotes to each guest is longer. In seasons with greater demand and higher turnover, that time is shorter and more divided by those who visit. As a rule, comments tend to be worse and lower scores.

For these reasons, and because this is such a hot topic that generates so much concern, we've selected some tips to help you improve (or increase) your ratings this summer.

  • Create local experiences. Involve your guests in local activities. Suggest restaurants or places in town worth seeing.

  • Exceed guests' expectations and try to add a personal touch to their stays. It can be a surprise if you find out it is a birthday or an early check-in if guests arrive early from travelling.

  • Ensure your products and services continually improve to surprise your guests with every visit.

  • Listen to and apply the feedback you receive from each customer.

Finally, remember that the customer experience does not begin and end with check-in and check-out. A memory is being built, and an evaluation is being designed at every touchpoint you have with your guests, including online and mobile channels, which you should maintain the same level of professionalism and availability you provide during their stay.

These are just a few tips that can help you improve your rating and receive more positive reviews. However, there are certain aspects that you should always keep in mind when you want to enhance your guests' experience:

  • Have real photos of the accommodation.

  • Have a description of what is included in the booking and what the guest will find when they arrive at the accommodation

  • Have a conversation with the guest and manage their expectations before they arrive.

  • After the stay, send a thank you message with a request to provide a comment/review.

We hope these tips/ ideas will help you get the most out of your bookings and improve your score on the major booking channels this summer.

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