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How to add value to your hotel according to the 2024 hospitality trends

As we moved further into the year 2023, we've witnessed a number of closed hospitality businesses successfully revive their operations. With the easing of restrictions, many establishments have taken advantage of emerging pandemic trends to resurface and boost their profits. If you're in the hospitality industry, it's worth keeping an eye on the top trends that will likely shape the sector in 2024.

Staycations are expected to continue gaining popularity in Europe, as travellers have grown fond of the convenience and comfort they offer. Hotel and B&B owners should invest in luxury amenities such as bathtubs, swimming pools, and spa facilities, as well as quality fitness equipment to give their guests a holiday feeling. Small details like welcome baskets and reliable Wi-fi can also make a big difference.

Holistic hospitality, which prioritizes guests' well-being, is another trend that is expected to grow in 2024. Businesses with spa facilities can offer cleansing classes or relaxation sessions, while others can invest in wellness products, sugar-free meals, and organic offerings.

Bleisure - Le Peach

Bleisure, the combination of business and leisure, is set to become even more prevalent in 2024 as remote work continues to rise. Hotels and resorts can cater to professionals' needs by providing optic fiberWi-fi and work hubs, which can boost productivity while still allowing guests to relax and enjoy themselves.

E-experiences, or digitisation of guest experiences, have already become a crucial part of the hospitality industry, and this trend is expected to continue in 2024. Restaurants, bars, and hotels can use apps and QR codes to enhance their services, while technology-assisted features like mobile check-ins, voice control, and customer-facing interfaces can improve the guest experience.

Personalisation is another trend that will likely gain traction in 2024, as guests increasingly seek tailored experiences. Hospitality businesses can use data analytics to tailor their greetings, room service menus, and TV programs to individual guests' preferences. Hospitality POS features that encourage personalised marketing can also be integrated.

Augmented Reality

Virtual and augmented reality are expected to become more prevalent in the hospitality industry in 2024, providing guests with exclusive experiences that will leave a lasting impression. Hi-tech housekeeping can also reassure guests that their safety and health are being prioritised, with many certified household apps and management systems available to maintain a hygienic environment.

Solo travel, which has become increasingly popular in recent years, is expected to continue its growth in 2024. Hospitality businesses can cater to solo travellers by offering activities designed for solo exploration, as well as more single rooms and video games as incentives. 

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