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HR - Learn how to make your job offer stand out and be attractive.

Human Resources

Hiring, managing and maintaining a company's human resources can be a big headache, even more so if that company is in the tourism or restaurant industry.

In addition to all the challenges of hiring common to other industries, the tourism and catering industry add aggravating factors (such as working hours) that make attracting and retaining workers even more challenging.

Therefore, considering the severe crisis we are going through regarding our capacity to retain and attract new talent, we have put together a benefits package that you can add to the offer you make to your workers.

There are some more well-known extras that you may even have already applied, such as:

Health insurance

Extra holiday days (e.g. birthday)

Compensation for goals achieved (productivity bonus)

But suppose you add to these benefits other advantages that make your company stand out in the labour market. In that case, you will manage not only to improve the working conditions of your employees and thus retain talent but also to attract new talent.

Here are some suggestions:

Extra rest time (e.g. leaving a weekday early)

Snacks offered during working hours

Monthly gym membership

Genuine opportunities for career progression

Health insurance for children and/ or pets

Free access to streaming platforms like Netflix, HBO, Disney+ ou Amazon Prime.

Incentive packages make the job offers more exciting and attractive and mirrors the company culture and how this company cares and behaves towards its employees.

It will always be challenging to manage human resources, but sometimes it is only necessary to listen to their needs to become a company where everyone wants to work.

Don't worry if you're still struggling for ideas, it's perfectly normal and we're here to help. Get in touch with us for a one-time appointment and we will come up with a full strategy for your recruitment and selection processes.

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