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Social Commerce, have you ever heard of?

In a world where social networks are increasingly playing a vital role in communication, they are also becoming more prominent as they enable the sale of products and services.

Social commerce and eCommerce are distinct terms and, therefore, you should not confuse them. On mobile slides, the purchase process has a much higher cart abandonment rate than on desktop.

And therefore, the checkout process has to be improved. This is where social networks come in. For it allows them to make purchases through their preferred and most used networks, thus delivering speed and comfort to the customer. Consequently, it has decreased the chances of the purchase falling halfway through.

One of the reasons why social commerce is becoming so popular is precisely because it is more convenient and interactive than regular ecommerce, allowing you to discover brands, search for products and interact with customer support.

By using social commerce you can:

Reaching a wider audience: Generation Z and Millennials are the most likely group to make a purchase through Instagram, Facebook, etc. If your target audience is between 18 and 34, cheer up, because you have a great opportunity.

Simple purchase process: by using social media, the process is made easier by eliminating unnecessary steps. Instead of customers being redirected to the website, they can browse the products without leaving the platform.

Gathering data on your audience: Instagram and Facebook allow you to collect data on demographic information such as age, gender, location and also aspects such as position in the company. This enables you to tailor your campaign so that the right products appear to the right customers.

Feedback: every comment, like and share of content helps consumers trust your brand. When followers continue to interact and promote your brand, other users on other networks are more likely to trust your brand.

Social media has revolutionised the way businesses interact with people. It's time to adapt. Need help?

Talk to us.

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