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The importance of branding in the hospitality industry.


If we asked you to think of a hotel brand you would probably say, Pestana, Sheraton, Marriott or a hotel chain with a strong national and international presence.

Having a logo, a colour, an icon or a name that is capable of being so strong that every time it is seen it is immediately associated with a brand is not only impressive but also a success when it comes to branding work.

Perhaps you might consider that such an effect is only possible with a very large investment and only accessible to large chains. But the truth is that, in this increasingly digital and globalized world, any one of us, just with internet access, can get your brand to practically every corner of the globe.

But let's go in parts.

What is the brand of an accommodation unit?

A brand is much more than a name. It is the personality of the company, what it represents, who it communicates to, what it communicates and what experiences it wants to transmit to the client.

Investing in brand design may be the most important thing you do, so let's start by assessing why it's so important.

Why is it so important?

The truth is that nowadays, and especially in hospitality, it's hard to restrict ourselves to one market as a target audience because, with free access to technology, the whole globe is a target market.

Having said that, building a solid brand, a coherent image, and assertive communication, makes your brand respected and gives customers the confidence they need to stay overnight in your unit.

By having brand-building done and crafting an assiduous social media presence, it becomes easier to get through to any target audience.

Having a good brand will also help you have higher profitability and a higher chance of sales.

According to Google Small Business, 82% of "word-of-mouth" recommendations happen with brands that those recommending trust. So a good brand can also be your biggest marketing tool.

Would you like to change your brand image and don't know where to start?

Talk to us. We have the best design professionals by our side that will help you achieve your goals.

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