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Would you like to improve your ranking on

Hotel Ranking

This is the question for 1 million euros and very often asked by our clients.

So we went to the support page to understand what factors influence the page ranking and how we can improve it.

Right at the beginning, what is transmitted to us is that organic search in any online sales channel is more residual at the beginning. Still, it can be worked on to improve the ranking and increase visibility.

After the introductory part, three basic principles are defined to help managers attract more customers and improve visibility.

1. Understand the audience.

We've already covered this point on the blog when we talked about social media and marketing strategies. Understanding the audience is critical for positioning on's page. For the Dutch giant, it's crucial to understand the preferences and needs of those who buy.'s algorithm adapts to its customers, and the channel also creates tools that meet their needs - such as search filters and the creation of galleries with 360º photos.

The importance of understanding who is visiting and booking your property makes defining your sales strategy much more assertive.

  •'s "Analytics Data" panel gives you information on:

  • The countries your customers are booking from

  • What devices do they use (mobile or computer)

  • The reason for their trip (business or leisure)

Accessing and analysing this information allows you to define strategies to increase sales, such as specific promotions for different segments or setting up rates with certain characteristics.

2. Optimise property performance's help centre highlights the importance of the property's page visibility every time a guest searches for it. This increases your conversion rate, and it is on the conversion rate that's algorithm works. The more you sell over the number of guests who visit your page, the higher the conversion rate, the better position you gain in the rankings and the more likely you are to sell. And so on.

To do this, the partner help page suggests three actions:

  • Availability: have dates uploaded so that anyone searching for any date can find your property

  • Attractiveness: also, as we have already covered in our blog, good photos and descriptions make it more attractive to those looking for it.

  • Competitive rates: it is already common sense. In the end, the price has a considerable weight in the decision time. That is why it is vital to have competitive rates, offer fair prices within the competition and adapt to the demand. That is the key to selling more, practising the pricing strategy, and ensuring that the right price is sold to the right person.

3. Managing your brand

This is the last tip that the website gives for those who want to have better visibility. And we have already talked about this topic.

It is never too much to remember that whoever manages a local accommodation, a hotel, a hostel, or a camping site represents a brand. All communication with the guest should reflect that exact brand. Be friendly, send welcome and thank you messages. Responding to comments and analysing them to improve constantly ensures your brand earns a good reputation.

Want help improving your positioning in the main sales channels? We're here for you. Contact us.

To review's help centre document, please click here.

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