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we will increase your revenue by handling your 

it's more than selling the right product to the right customer, at the right price, at the right moment. But we will explain it all.

At Le Peach, we understand that revenue management is a critical aspect of any successful accommodation business. That's why we have a dedicated department focused on helping businesses optimize their revenue and profitability through strategic pricing and inventory management.

Our team has a deep understanding of the industry, and they're able to identify trends and patterns that might be missed by a computer algorithm. They can also use their expertise to make more nuanced pricing decisions that take into account factors like customer behaviour, seasonal demand, and local events.

what will we handle for you?

Daily rates updates in all channels

(via channel manager)

Strategy and setup of

new promotional deals

Rate plans definition and

structure optimization 

Online & offline distribution

(travel agencies & tour operators)

Daily updates to restrictions

OTA's revision 

Search for new distribution channels

 By working with our revenue management team, accommodation businesses can benefit from the best of both worlds: the efficiency of automated tools and the insights of human expertise. With our help, businesses can maximize their revenue and profitability while providing exceptional value to their customers.

what difference does it make to have a good revenue management strategy?

Here are some numbers:

revenue increase

+ 17,200€

per month was, on average, the revenue difference of our RM clients, compared to 2019.

rate plans


is the minimum number of rates plans you should have to guarantee all types of guests see your property at any given time

direct bookings


for the second consecutive summer (2021 and 2022) the direct channel is the second most used channel for bookings, after Do you accept direct booking on your website?

client acquisition cost


percentage of revenue an accommodation gets per direct booking versus 83.4% from OTA bookings (, Expedia, Airbnb, VRBO, etc)

distribution channels


cancelation rate


5 is minimum number of distribution channels you should list your accommodation in order to be visible to the whole market. Do you have someone searching the best channels for your product?

is the average cancelation rate for direct bookings versus 35% for OTA bookings (, Expedia, Airbnb, etc.)

ready to boost the results of your business?

We work with multiple revenue management plans ranging from fixed rates to fully variable so you always get more than you pay! We also have one-off appointments for smaller accommodation or if you just don't want to commit to a contract.

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