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modular services for ever changing businesses

The world is in constant change and, as consequence, businesses need to change as well and adapt rapidly to keep up with all the new trends their audiences follow.  With this in mind we have developed a modular way of working where you can activate certain services or modules whenever you need without the need to buy an entire package or committed to complicated contracts that make you dependent on external companies. 


We want to empower companies to be their best, to adopt products they understand and have the ability to manage after implementation and become a partner that provides more services whenever you need but that also truly supports you whenever a problem arises. 

All our services listed bellow can be quoted separately or together, in packs, monthly contracts or even hourly. You decide the way you want us to work knowing that trust and quality in everything we do is always guaranteed. Get in touch to know more or to get a quote.  

Website Development Le Peach

website development


SEO Le Peach


Branding Le Peach


Marketing Plan Le Peach

marketing plan

Photo & Video Le Peach

photo & video

Revenue Management Le Peach

revenue management


XML connection Le Peach

channel manager connection

OTA's revision

OTA's revision

Accommodation Photos Le Peach

accommodation photos & video

Business Plan Le Peach

business plan


Accounting Le Peach


EU community funds Le Peach

EU community funds

one-time appointment

Let's talk! Book a quick meeting right here and get an instant confirmation. It's free and there's no commitment.

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