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10 tips to improve your LinkedIn


LinkedIn is the best professional social network in the world, so, by using it, you can have access to a bunch of opportunities that you can (and should) take advantage of. Stay tuned to know the most important elements to improve and have a successful profile.

1. Share your work frequently

If you think that creating a LinkedIn account will bring you automatic results, you are wrong. Don't forget that this network embraces relationships from the professional field and, as such, you have to connect. In other words, it is essential that you keep your presence active on the network. Publish frequently relevant aspects of your work, awards, certificates and experiences.

2. Create publications in various formats

Publishing text-only content can become boring for those who follow you. Therefore, try other options like photos and videos. After all, if you don't show creativity on the page that represents your business, your message may not get the attention it deserves

3. Visual Identity

It is important to be able to maintain harmony in the publications you deliver. The user when entering your page has to recognise your brand and feel organized in it.

4. Identify the hashtags that fit the best

The use of hashtags definitely brings results, because it makes the page recognized and searched by more people. However, by using these keywords inappropriately in your posts, it can generate a negative impact.

5. Rethink your connections

Sometimes we think that the more connections our account has, the better result it will get. Followers uninterested in the services/products you have to offer will not bring you a real conversion. They are just illusory numbers.

6. Offer value to your connections

One of the key strategies for keeping and engaging new followers is to prioritize delivering value to your audience. Write something that fits the current moment and generates a sense of appreciation from your connections. Writing about trends or issues that unsettle your audience is always a good bet.

7. Show that you know what you are doing

By sharing your knowledge and educating your audience by mastering certain topics, you get recognition. Consequently, you will gain greater prominence and interact with those who are really looking for solutions.

8. Use Linkedin Ads

If you want to reach certain customers, this tool can be very useful to you. It allows you to create various ad formats, such as posts or even direct messages to the client about details of what you can offer them.

9. Bet on Sales Navigator

One of the advantages of this tool is the use of advanced filters (organize and filter contacts based on profile information), in order to achieve so-called "smart sales", based on your preferences and history saved by customers.

10. Invite the follower to the next step

From the moment you have briefly enlightened a follower on a certain topic, they will need to know where they can read the rest or even contact the company. This is when words like "learn more" or "click here" appear.

Now it's our turn. Want to know more? Get in touch with us.

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