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2022 the best summer ever.


The World Travel & Tourism Council (WTTC) considers that Portugal could this year surpass post-pandemic levels in terms of revenue in the travel and tourism sector, reaching increases of around 4.8% compared to 2019.

The latest data collected by Forward Keys shows that this could even be the best summer ever.

"Flight booking data shows that Portugal is the fourth most popular European destination this summer, with a 179% annual increase in international arrivals, and just 9% behind pre-pandemic levels.

The data shows flight bookings surpassing pre-pandemic levels, with bookings from the US, Netherlands, Denmark, and Germany, respectively 41%, 36%, 29%, and 11%."

Portugal's Minister of State for Tourism, Rita Marques, also noted that the aim is to position Portugal as a competitive, safe and sustainable tourist destination and that she is joining forces with other partners to be able to communicate this message to all travellers.

The truth is that in the last two years travelling has become more complicated, with restrictions and extra costs in tests and preventive measures, which has made many travellers choose not to do so. This summer, those same travellers are more available, financially and in time, to make the trips they have been two years preparing.

And what about you? Are you ready to welcome it?

Have you done your price review, cancellation terms, space preparation, and guest communication?

This summer could be the best ever, be sure you can make the best of it.

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