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5 reasons to switch your Instagram account to Business


Instagram Business account is an option available for companies or professionals who use this platform as a way to market their work.

This business mode provides resources and exclusive tools that will help users boost their profile’s engagement and interaction as well as the communication with their followers and clients.

In these exclusive features we can find:

  1. Access to detailed metrics and analysis: by switching to a commercial account, you’ll be able to see detailed metrics and analysis of your profile’s performance. Here you will find information regarding your account’s reach, interaction and traffic. This info may help you to better understand what is and what’s not working and how you can improve your marketing and content strategy to get better results.

  2. Promoting posts: you will be able to promote your posts and this will allow you to get a broader audience for your content and get a bigger reach. The option for sponsored ads is also available alongside with the setting of campaign goals such as the creation of leads or website-redirected traffic.

  3. Add contact info and similar exclusive features: you’ll be able to display contact information (like your phone number or email address) so your followers can get to you easily. You can also add external links to your insta stories and posts and integrate Facebook for ad and campaign management in both platforms.

  4. Inbox management tools: with these you will see that the management of your received messages gets much easier and your communication with followers and/or clients will improve as well. These will allow you to answer do direct messages more efficiently, manage comments and mass messages and generate automated replies.

  5. A better look for your profile: turn your account more user friendly with the possibility of adding a ‘Contact’ button, useful contact information and a map showing where you are located.

To change your Instagram account to a professional one, just access the profile settings and select ‘Switch to Business account’. Afterwards, you’ll be ready to start using the exclusive resources of your business account and take the most of what the platform can give you in order to reach the goals you set.

No time for managing your social media? Get in touch with us and get your quote.

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