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6 Tips to improve your social networks.

Social Media Networks

Social networks are one of today's biggest communication channels reaching thousands of people in a few hours and with the ability to change a business, both for good and for bad.

Today we bring you six tips to improve your online positioning and to achieve greater engagement - that is, a higher interaction rate between people who follow you and the posts you make.

1. The first step is to define the persona. The persona will be an example of someone who belongs to your target audience. You should define their age, tastes, daily life, profession, and even give them a name. The important thing is to be able to define a person you will be communicating to, and this should be the basis for all your publications.

We leave you an example:

Julia, Portuguese, 23 years old, university student, works in an accounting office part-time and receives the minimum wage. She lives with her boyfriend in Sintra. She likes going out dancing and hanging out with her friends. She likes fashion and to dress in quality clothes.

You should create a persona for each profile of your target audience.

2. Get to know each of the social networks, what their audiences are and in which of them your personas spend more time.

When we talk about social networks our thoughts immediately go to Facebook, Instagram, Tik Tok and we automatically consider that these should be the social networks where our business should be present. The truth is that there are now many more social networks than a year ago and the trend is that more and more platforms want to connect people.

It is important to know each one of them, understand how they work, if our target audience uses them, and how we will be able to communicate efficiently with this same group.

3. Creating different and interesting content for the target audience is key to achieving better positioning and reaching the result you have defined.

You should create different content, for each of the social networks, and different for each of the different personas.

It is essential to be persistent and consistent, and to publish regularly so that you can reach as many users as possible.

4. Image. As is well known, a picture is worth a thousand words.

Invest in good pictures or hire a professional. It is essential to have a good image because it is the easiest and most direct way to communicate.

5. Develop a relationship. It is not enough just to make the most beautiful posts. You need to interact with users and respond to comments and posts. This relationship building will create a greater connection between the brand and the users, increasing brand awareness.

6. Strategy definition - Action Plan implementation - Results monitoring.

For social media to be successful it is mandatory to have a defined strategy. You need to know which path you want to take to achieve a goal. The strategies should be different for each of the social networks and for each of the objectives.

So, after the objective is defined, you need to define the strategy and its action plan. Define which posts you will make, which guests you will bring to the social network, which photos you will take. After this planning it is important to put it into action and finally to monitor the results.

There is no point in working on a goal if afterwards we cannot understand whether we achieved it or not, or if that strategy was the most efficient. It is necessary to analyze and be critical of the results.

These are just a few basic steps we consider necessary to manage your social network.

If you need the help of a team of professionals, contact us here.

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