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Achieve your 2023 wishes with SMART objectives

2023 objectives

The new year is synonymous with a new cycle, new principles and new achievements. It's when we say "this year I will achieve the highest number of sales" or "I will gather the highest number of customers so far".

But sometimes, after 12 months, we are still at the same level and we have not achieved the expected results.

To achieve certain results it is necessary to structure the steps to follow intelligently. So in this article we will encourage you to follow SMART objectives.

This approach ends with generalised predictions, manages to establish a clear timeline, makes it easier to track progress and identify gaps. It may sound complex, but we'll deconstruct it for you.

There are 5 objectives that are easily memorised because of their initials:

S- Specific - the objectives we formulate should be as specific and precise as possible. You should ask the following questions: "What needs to be achieved? "Who will be responsible for it?" "What steps need to be taken to achieve it?"

M - Measurable - objectives should be able to be measured and analysed in terms of volume or values. This will make it possible to track the process and know when it is close to completion.

A - Achievable - the possibility of achieving the objectives should always be possible, in other words, achievable objectives. Ask yourself " Is my goal something that I and my team can reasonably achieve?".

R - Realistic - if your goal aims to achieve ends that are greater than the means allow, you are not being realistic.

T - Time-bound - in terms of duration, what is the time frame you have in mind for your goals? When will they start and end?

So with the use of SMART objectives, it becomes easier to achieve the goals you want and achieve results that follow a plan that incorporates various elements.

If you don't know how to make your goals specific, measurable, achievable, realistic and time-bound for your year 2023, talk to us!

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