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Did you know that you can have an OTA account manager?

OTA account manager

Managing a tourism venture on online booking platforms such as, Airbnb or Expedia/VRBO can be a challenging task. With so many different platforms, it's easy to lose track of bookings and availability.

Which can become even more difficult if you have several properties to manage.

Fortunately, there's a solution for that: an account manager.

An account manager is a person or company that takes charge of managing your property on online booking platforms. They are usually in charge of tasks such as answering guest questions, managing bookings and adjusting prices according to demand/festivities, among others.

Poor management of online booking platforms can have several negative consequences for accommodation owners. Some of these consequences include:

Low occupancy: If booking management is not done efficiently, it can cause days without bookings and a reduction in revenue.

Wrong pricing: If prices are not being adjusted according to demand, it can end up in prices being too high or too low and negatively affect income.

Late responses to guests: If guests' questions are not being answered promptly, it can turn into poor reviews and negatively affect the image of the property.

Availability errors: Failure to properly update availability can lead to booking errors and cancellations.

Lack of data analysis: Without data reporting and analysis, it is difficult to understand booking trends and adjust strategy accordingly.

If you have several properties to manage or you simply don't have the time or the skills to do it yourself, an account manager can be an excellent option. Strike the perfect balance between time management and income with the help of an account manager.

Is this your case? Talk to us.

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