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Strategies to boost profitability in shoulder dates

Shoulder dates

The low season does not necessarily have to be a "headache" for accommodation managers. Now that the end of the peak demand season has arrived, tourist developments should consider commemorative dates as the main target of focus.

The level of interest for accommodation units shows an exponential increase in these circumstances when it is possible to add a holiday to a weekend or make the much desired bridge. Take for example, the 1st of December, day of the restoration of independence which, as it falls on a Thursday, allows 4 magnificent days to explore new places.

So, keep an eye on the main strategies to optimise your profitability:

  • The first point to be aware of is undoubtedly to check the calendar in advance. By identifying the main dates and planning for them, you can stipulate a plan of future actions to boost your business model. Although administrators are often only focused on national holidays, it is extremely important to research the commemorative dates of other countries.

As Spain is one of the main source markets for Portugal, it is necessary to be prepared for the holidays on 6 and 8 December, which fit into this concept of shoulder dates.

  • Price is one of the essential factors to be worked out in the famous getaways. It is a great opportunity to readjust your rates, in order to make them more competitive and offer promotional packages that fit the reality of the moment. Take the opportunity to compare your unit with the competition to understand what can make it stand out.

  • Ideally, on these commemorative dates, it is essential to obtain a differentiated product, creating innovative packages. This way, you can add value and capture the guests' attention.

  • Know when to start publicising the service, through the various platforms, keeping the prices constantly updated. Some advance notice is always necessary, since the consumer needs to consider the decision.

Let creativity and organisation be your best allies in this mission to increase bookings on commemorative dates and adjacent days.

Do you need help to make your low season more dynamic? Talk to us.

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