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The difference between the marketing plan and the communication plan

Marketing plan & Communication plan

Marketing and communication plans are often mixed and there is indeed a connection between them. The statement that you have to be aware of is that marketing implies communication and the communication is oriented through marketing.

This idea can be a little confusing but you must have in mind that the link between these is the word ‘plan’, meaning reaching your goals.

Anyhow, it’s best that you’re informed about these differences between the marketing plan and the communication plan in order to boost your business to the maximum. Keep reading and learn with us.

Marketing Plan

This plan relies heavily on the market because, by identifying the differentiating factors and tracing a way based on adequate searches, it’s possible to address the necessities of both client and owner).

Basically, the marketing plan is the strategy you should implement so you can get a competitive advantage. Have you ever asked yourself who’s your target market? This question can be easily answered by doing demographic and behavior research so you can identify the common elements and trace one or multiple profiles.

Another important question to ask yourself is: do you fully understand the dynamics of the market you are about to enter? You should gather information to help you make thoughtful decisions, minimizing the risks and identifying opportunities. For example, by analyzing and comparing the best practices of other companies from the same or different industry

For example, by analyzing and comparing the best practices of companies in the same or different sectors, you may be able to reveal shortcomings and optimize the final delivery of your product.

Communication Plan

In general, communication plans guide the way the brand will reach the market. And that is why this plan comes after the marketing plan, because once you have studied the market, you have to know how you are going to reach it.

Therefore, when the message has to be delivered to the client, communication is mandatory and is the main focus. The aim is to work on the brand image to ensure the customer's attention. To unify the brand image, techniques such as brand identity, branding, and adoption of the most appropriate language, among others, are needed.

There are various means to communicate the brand at the digital level, there is for example, the blog, social networks and newsletters.

Basically, the conclusion you can draw from this brief explanation about the marketing plan and the communication plan is: while the first studies the market in order to optimize the product, the second focuses on how the final result of this same research is delivered to the consumer.

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