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Tips to improve your high-season sales.


High season is right around the corner, and we want you to be ready to welcome it and get the best out of it by increasing your income.

We have been talking over time about various tools that can help you exponentiate your accommodation, and the best time of the year has come to put all those teachings into practice.

The high season in most tourist destinations in Portugal corresponds to the summer season, where combined with the good temperatures, we also have the availability of those who travel due to school holidays and some companies. This year, in particular, there is more significant speculation regarding possible visitor numbers, as it is the first summer since the start of the pandemic in March 2020 that we have no restrictions.

So it's best to arm yourself with all the weapons to get the most out of the coming months.

Here are some practical tips to help you:

  • Check your prices daily. We know it may seem excessive, but the truth is that doing a daily price check when demand is very high can make you a lot of money.

  • Control your competition. Choose two or three units with a similar offer to yours and position yourself competitively. This way you will get an advantage and increase your sales.

  • Communicate with your guests. The best way to have happy guests (and reviews) is to manage expectations correctly. Send messages asking about arrival times, where they can park if they come by car or the best means of transport to the accommodation. It is also essential to be available for any questions they might have during their stay. This way, you'll make guests feel looked after, and we're sure they'll leave a good review.

  • Apply for promotions wisely. Don't forget, in high season, demand is higher, and so is the possibility of selling your accommodation. Review your strategy regarding the promotions you have running so that you are not selling rooms or flats for less than you would like.

  • Review your non-refundable policies. If you don't have any non-refundable policies in place, you may have a last-minute cancellation that will cause you to lose the sale of a room or accommodation.

These are some of the many things you can do to make your peak season work better in terms of profitability and customer relations.

If you don't already have these measures in place, contact us, we will help you create a quick strategy to give you the best summer ever.

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