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What do you proactively do to get new leads/clients? The sales funnel

Sales funnel

Many businesses feel that they are about to enter a long road, full of obstacles and uncertainties when it comes to winning new customers. However, this journey doesn't have to be unpleasant if you know what steps to take.

It is essential to have a constant flow of new leads and customers to ensure long-term growth and sustainability. One of the most effective ways to generate new leads is through the sales funnel.

The sales funnel is a marketing strategy that involves creating a structured process to attract new leads, fed with relevant information and convince them to become customers. The sales funnel is made up of four main stages:

  1. Attract: In this stage, the goal is to attract the attention of people who can become your potential customers. It can be done through paid ads, blog articles, social media, SEO, among others.

  2. Convert: After attracting, the next step is to convert these people into qualified leads, done through contact forms, newsletter subscriptions, among other ways.

  3. Close: In this phase, the qualified leads are transformed into clients. It is important to follow up with each lead individually and provide additional information about the product or service to help them make a buying decision.

  4. Follow up: After the customer has completed the purchase, it is important to ensure that they feel valued and satisfied with the experience. Post-sales follow-up, sending thank you emails, and technical support are some ways.

To effectively implement a sales funnel, you need to have a clear understanding of your target audience and what motivates them to make a buying decision. It is important to monitor conversion rates at each stage of the funnel and adjust your strategy accordingly.

In summary, the sales funnel is an effective strategy for generating new leads and turning them into loyal customers. With the right approach and constant monitoring, you can maximize the potential of the sales funnel and ensure the success of your business.

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